Laser Hair Removal Permanent Treatments

Laser hair removal permanent is an effective method that removes unwanted hair using a pulse of light to destroy the hair follicle. Laser hair removal is ideal for people with lighter skin and darker hair. That is due to melanin absorbing the laser light. In fact, melanin is the pigment that gives your hair its color. The discomfort is quite mild when the laser hair removal permanent method is used. The patient will feel a slight sting – similar to the skin being snapped with a rubber band. The patient may have to undergo several treatment sessions per year to have a lasting effect on the skin. This article provides information on the advantages of laser hair removal. 



The treatment is much quicker compared to most of the other hair removal methods out there. You can perform a laser treatment on the underarm and Brazilian area within twenty minutes time. Since the method is almost permanent, you won’t have to purchase additional shaving creams, razors, depilatory creams, and have waxing appointments. Hence, laser treatments help you to save money in the long run. On the other hand, the laser treatment cost has decreased today. It is a great option to prevent ingrown hairs. Laser treatment also prevents skin irritation and sensitivity in the long run. You don’t have to shave on a daily basis when you avail yourself for laser hair removal treatments.

With numerous advantages of laser hair removal treatment, the popularity of the technique has increased across the country. Hence, you may find a host of laser hair removal centers around the country. It is important that you choose the best laser hair removal Issaquah. That is where your research becomes so important. The above read offers information on the advantages of laser hair removal treatments.

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Essential Oils for Men and Why You Should Use Them

The men’s grooming and personal care industry is worth over 50 Billion dollars per annum and has a current growth rate of 5% per annum. There is a particular demand for high performance quality products and for my part a product of the highest calibre must contain a small component of essential oils  These essential oil blends are not just used for their wonderful aroma but also for their cosmetic and aromatherapeutic benefits. A synthetic fragranced product cannot compare to a cleverly crafted natural aromatic product. Interest in the organic and natural ingredient areas of product formulation is also growing and on trend. Always look for the most natural product to look, smell and feel your best! Essential oils other than supporting the emotional status of an individual may also with reference to skincare formulations and personal care products:
  • Balance sebum and correct oily skin
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Tone the skin
  • Cleanse the skin
  • Minimise fine lines
  • Microbially deodorise
All aromatherapists understand the unique qualities we all possess. However even with that in mind there are some essential oils and aroma groups that work well for the majority of men. Many men enjoy woody, herbal and spicy scents when choosing aromatic qualities in their grooming products. Citrus top notes are also a favourite. Here are 5 essential oils for masculine formulary:

    1. Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) has a spicy, warm and stimulating aroma. It has an aroma intensity of medium strength. In your blend it is a top to middle or heart note. If unavailable or cost prohibitive you could consider basil (linalool chemotype) which is herbal and wonderful as a substitute. Consider adding Black Pepper to Cardamom, Lavender, Marjoram or Rose damascene.

2. Bay Essential Oil

Bay Laurel(Laurus nobilis) has an herbaceous, uplifting aroma with a hint of spice. Noted as presenting a strong aroma intensity and is a fantastic top to middle note. A very similar essential oil to consider for substitution would be Bay (Pimenta racemosa). Other possibilities are Eucalypts and Cardamom. Blending hints would be Bergamot, Cypress, Juniper and/or Vetiver.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil

Woody, balsamic and rustic, Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) is a hearty base note for men’s personal care products. Is known to have a medium aroma intensity. A close substitute would be Palo Santo. Most people love Frankincense however Palo Santo can take some getting used to. With reference to it’s cosmetic properties Frankincense is rejuvenating and facilitates a youthful complexion. It may also reduce fine lines. Blends well with Copaiba Balsam, Cypress and Sandalwoods.

    4. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisi) possesses a beautiful citrus top note of medium intensity. A fresh and clean aroma. Any of the citrus oils are possible substitutions. This mood lifting and energising essential oil cosmetically is cleansing and brightening. Grapefruit essential oil is considered very helpful also to oily or acne prone skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Grapefruit oil blends well with almost any combination.

    5. Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver (Vetiver zizanoides) roots create an earthy, woody and sometimes smoky accord to your men’s grooming range. The best Vetiver in my opinion comes from Haiti or Indonesia. The Indian Vetiver is too smoky. It is also a perfect fixative in blends as are Patchouli and Spikenard which could be considered possible substitutions. Similar to other oils mentioned above in small doses vetiver tones and cleanses your skin and reduces fine lines. Blends well with all Cedarwoods, Coriander, Cinnamon and Sandalwood Please happily employ these and other essential oils into your men’s grooming products and personal care products to not only provide a manly, aromatic and natural fragrance but also enjoy the aromatherapy and skin benefits also.